White House Vinegar Relieves Itching Scalp Sores

White House Vinegar Relieves Itching Scalp Sores

White House Vinegar relieved the itch of my scalp sores. Now I can hardly feel the sores on my scalp.

When I was a little girl, I noticed that my mother used White House Vinegar a lot. I remember when she would cry and lay vinegar rags across her forehead to relieve migraine headaches. My mother kept on doing it until one day she didn’t have migraine headaches anymore. She would also rinse my hair in vinegar when it was time to get my hair washed. My mother also cooked with vinegar.

Now that I am a grown woman, I see my father drinking it a little bit for high blood pressure and to make headaches go away. Remembering what my mother did and seeing what my father do today, made me think. I started getting little sores on my scalp. I began to break out in a rash on my neck that I believe was caused by some hair oil. It is possible that I am allergic to something that is in it. I tried alcohol on my sores. All they did was burn and itch real bad. So I did some research on vinegar. I found out that it is good for skin rashes, is a great hair treatment, relieves leg cramps, destroys bacteria in foods, it is used for cough and colds, relieves insect bites, and more. Now I know why my mother used White House Vinegar so much. I decided to use it on my scalp sores and it took away the itch. I can hardly feel that the sores are still on my scalp. White House Vinegar also helped the rash on my neck.

I think vinegar is wonderful in helping you to fight what causes you trouble. It has wonderful cleaning power.

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Michelle Parker, posted this comment on Jan 23rd, 2007

Great tip! I had no idea I do remember vinegar for migraines. People who suffer migraines I would imagine have tried it all. I didn’t know it could be used for exezema and leg cramps. Does it stain the sheets if you put it on your legs ? How long do you leave it on your head for before you smell like a chip at the fish and chip store. LOL.

Lola, posted this comment on Jan 23rd, 2007

I used a new shampoo which caused an allergic reaction and the itch drived me mad that I got about three sores from the allergy! I rinsed my hair with vinegar twice and now they’ve gone! Voila.

victoria, posted this comment on Feb 17th, 2007

i had tryed all kinds of medicine for my sores on my head and it still there,i went two a doctor so many time but he did nothin for it,and my sores are really hurtin me right now, i keep messin with them causes they hurt so bad,and sometime the give me headace,P.S.PLEASE TELL ME WHAT I SHOUNLD DO?

Nancy, posted this comment on Mar 11th, 2007

Do you use the vinegar full-strength? Is vinegar the final rinse or do you rinse with water afterward?

ner, posted this comment on Apr 4th, 2007

i have have had a mess on the bback of my head for almost 2 yrs. this is not the first time. it finally went away the first timem, how i don;t remember. this time it’s a mess. i pick at the scabs everyday because the itch when the scabs appear. sometimes the scabs are fyll of elongated clear nodes. they hurt when left in. altho it’s painful to pick them. it hurts less after i remove them. then they return again, a visious cyle. i’ve used vinigat, dandruff shampoo, h2o2, alchol, it healed for awhile then went into a worse period which i am in now, this sore is over an inch long and about 1/2 inch wide what can i do?

Lucy Lockett, posted this comment on Apr 13th, 2007

One of the old home remedies that works a treat. There are heaps of them out there.Bicarb of Soda is one of the best cleaners on the market and good for soothing skin too!

Gail Nobles, posted this comment on Apr 15th, 2007

I use vinegar with water in th final rinse. To everyone that is having problems with sores, try dippin vinegar with a q-tip and rub it on the sores. Keep doing it. It might burn the itch out. When I was getting them, that’s what I did and it helped me.

Meri Jeffrey, posted this comment on May 21st, 2007

That’s a great take on the old vinegar home remedy, Gail! I know a lot of people use it for many things. Me, I have an oily scalp which I learned with my first and only perm, never to oil my hair or scalp with anything. I shampoo, condition and rinse then press as often as I choose, or never. In humid climates I have learned to shampoo and condition as often as I shower. Just absolutely no oil of any kind, please! As the dermatologist once advised me oily scalps with the grit and dirt picked up in our environments produces sores and pimples in the scalp and face (draining from the sebaceous glands). Great tip for hot climate – no, or very little oil! Don’t take my word though, consult a skin doctor in any case. But yes, I love vinegar.

Gail Nobles, posted this comment on May 22nd, 2007

Hi Meri,
I have a dry scalp. So I use natural oils. I have to use everything natural for my hair. Thanks for the info that the dermatologist gave you. I didn’t know why I was getting sores. I work around led and flux too. Then I stratch my head. That could have been the reason I got sores but I’m not sure. I never got sores before. I think your dermatologist is right.

Aron, posted this comment on Jan 25th, 2008

thanks for the tips. will def try the vinegar thing!

Shelley Harding, posted this comment on May 31st, 2008

Do you use white or brown vinegar? Yes, I remember that we rinsed our hair with vinegar and water, way back when, and had the cleanest, squeakie, hair ever. Going to try it full strength for head sores, and exema. Thanks for the reminder

Gail Nobles, posted this comment on Jun 1st, 2008

Hi Shelley!

I use brown vinegar. I think my mother always used the white vinegar for cooking. I don’t see where it matters though.

Lorna, posted this comment on Jun 6th, 2008

Have tried using alcohol, it takes away the itch for a bit but then it comes back. Not sure if using it on a regular basis would not dry the scalp even more as alcohol can be very drying to the scalp and skin. Thanks for the white vinegar idea I will try that as these scalp sores are driving me crazy. And I think the vinegar would be less drying to the scalp.

Gail Nobles, posted this comment on Jun 7th, 2008

After using the vinegar, try putting a little Eucerin cream on the sores. This cream is a moisturizing cream, and helps to relieve dry skin associated with eczema.

Lisa, posted this comment on Jul 9th, 2008

My daughter is 10 and about 3 weeks ago started getting these sores on her head and then a few days later she raised her hair up in the front bang area and there is a 2 inch round bald spot smooth as can be and no sore or anything. Where the sores are, the hair has broken off from where she scratches and picks at it. I have tried several things but not vinegar. I will try it but we are goin to the doc to see if we can figure out the bald spot. I have a son that has migraines so I will use it for him too. Thanks

GaIl Nobles, posted this comment on Jul 11th, 2008

Hi, Lisa!
Let me know what the doctor advice is.

Mel davis, posted this comment on Jul 25th, 2008

I have just contracted this condtion! I have tried everything. I have found that aloe vera gel helps to soothe and take away that awful itch.
Now I will try a cider vinegar wash through my hair and a mild shampoo and see how that goes.Thanks for the advice…

Gail Nobles, posted this comment on Jul 26th, 2008

Hi Mel! Yes, try the vinegar and keep using aloe vera gel if that is working for you.

Lynn, posted this comment on Aug 28th, 2008

Hey Gail !!! Yes it works , Aloe Vero Gel , i use 100 % wow .. Frist it burns then cool off wow .. Thanks for that !!

Gail Nobles, posted this comment on Aug 29th, 2008

That’s great! Thanks for sharing.

Gail Nobles, posted this comment on Aug 30th, 2008

Read about how castor oil healing abrasions and more at http://www.healthmad.com/Home-Health/Castor-Oil-Can-Heal-Abrasions-and-More.212991

U.Nicholls, posted this comment on Oct 29th, 2008

I had for the past 4 yrs a white small , bald patch that itches, and gets irritated and red. I have gone to dermatologist and no one really has any answers will def try white vinegar

U.Nicholls, posted this comment on Oct 29th, 2008

Does anyone have any other suggestions?

Gail Nobles, posted this comment on Oct 30th, 2008

Vinegar should help clean the patch at least. Try peroxide. It’s good to use and is good for infection.

CaPtAiN GeAcH, posted this comment on Nov 13th, 2008

I have been suffering from a dry scalp for a couple years. I thought it was because of the water in the old house i moved into or because we burn so much wood. MY entire scalp looses a layer in very large and small sheets over the next day or 2 after i shower. I also have got some sores and scabs from scratching. It’s driving me nuts! ive switched from dandruff shampoo to tea tree oil shampoo to get away from harsh chemicals.
It still hasn’t cleared up yet, do you think white house vinegar could help this severe dandruff and scabbing???

Gail Nobles, posted this comment on Nov 13th, 2008

Hi, GeAcH! It wouldn’t hurt to try it. And it could be the water in the old house causing the trouble. And yes, chemicals may have a lot to do with it also. Try olive oil shampoo. It is suppose to be a natural shampoo.

Sandy, posted this comment on Nov 22nd, 2008

DON’T USE PEROXIDE on infections, it only eats away the good skin. Use a tube of med made for infections. Peroxide has several uses like cleaning teeth. If it can turn hard teeth white you don’t want to use it on an open sore.

kathy, posted this comment on Jan 12th, 2009

thanks everyone for the great input.this condition has been driving me crazy,very painful,and too i can`t stop picking.the sores have spread right across my crown and the back of my hairline.my friend allso has this but she has it under her neck too.thanks again we`ll give it a try.i`m sure it will work.i remember now when i was about 13 my mum used a towel soaked in vinegar for the cramps in my legs.i used to play a lot of sport.

Jen, posted this comment on Mar 12th, 2009

Well at least I don’t feel alone in this. Ever since I moved back to michigan my scalp has been really bad. I get these awful headaches and it’s worse when the humidity is hight and these sores pop up. Most shampoos make it worse. I’ve been trying the vinegar a bit it does help. I switched to shampoo bars for a while to see how that works until I can move back to texas and finally get relief lol

Olivia, posted this comment on May 6th, 2009

Interesting Jen. I live in Michigan and have been suffering with these sores off and on for years. The best thing I have found is to religiously wash my hair daily, if I skip a day it gets worse. I have been letting my hair air dry almost all Winter and it has been worse than usual. I am going to try using the hair dryer instead. If all else fails, See you in Texas!! :-)

sharon, posted this comment on Jun 16th, 2009

Yes, these sores are awful! Had been blaming various hair products for them. Switched to natural products listed under Skin Deep cosmetics site, but still trouble. Will try the vinegar tomorrow. I’m senior gal & my Mom always said to rinse with vinegar for shiny, healthy hair! So right she was.
Thanks so much.

karen, posted this comment on Jun 19th, 2009

At last i feel that i’m not on my own with this problem. I’ve had an itchy scalp for ages. tried everything,was on antibiotics for 10 years for acne but still got spot in my scalp. gonna try the vinegar thing i reckon. thanks.

Gail Nobles, posted this comment on Jun 20th, 2009

Good luck to you all. I would like to add that I think the scalp is the problem. Even when you wash your hair, the scalp is still left with dirt. There is something that the barba shop gave my cousin in law for his scalp. It really takes the dirt off of your scalp, but it seems very strong. I’m afraid to try it. I don’t even know the name of it. It was so long ago. But I think vinegar should help.

georgie, posted this comment on Jun 24th, 2009

HEY!! I’ve never even thought of the vinegar trick!! cool; I’m going to try it. I’ve had a terrible habbit of digging/scatching open a sore/scab. it itches just as much as it hurts; and hurts just as much as it itches. it really is a vicious cycle. maybe some type of hynosis wouldn’t be a bad idea either.

Gail Nobles, posted this comment on Jun 24th, 2009

I must warn you, georgie, that the vinegar will burn the itch right out.

Jared, posted this comment on Jul 2nd, 2009

I have been suffering from scalp sores for many years and never knew how to fix it. It seems just as I think my scalp is clear, another one pops up.

What’s the appropriate steps when using the vinegar? Should I use a natural shampoo and then do a final rinse with the vinegar? Should I also use conditioner? Also, is there a particular kind/brand of shampoo anyone recommends? Thanks!

Gail Nobles, posted this comment on Jul 5th, 2009

I would wash my hair and then do a rinse with the vinegar. I suggest Olive Oil shampoo. It is a natural shampoo. You can get an olive oil conditioner too.

Pam, posted this comment on Sep 20th, 2009

Where can you get White House Vinegar?

Gail Nobles, posted this comment on Sep 28th, 2009

Hi Pam. You can get it from the grocery store.

jennifer, posted this comment on Oct 13th, 2009

walmart sells the white house vinegar, vinegar is also good to wash away the build-up from styling gels!

Gail Nobles, posted this comment on Oct 18th, 2009

Hi Jennifer! Yes, vinegar is good for washing away build up. Thanks for your comment.

Louise, posted this comment on Nov 12th, 2009

Hi, I am going to try the vinegar again, I tried it as a final rinse only once. The scalp sores and itching is really bad. I’ve tried the dermatologist, nothing works. Will the vinegar cure the sores as well as stop the itching?

Gail Nobles, posted this comment on Nov 14th, 2009

Don’t know if it will cure the sores. I think it is the chemicals in the shampoos that we use that gives us sores. Use a natural shampoo like olive oil.

Jake C Sysk, posted this comment on Jan 29th, 2010

I have been dealing with this condition for 47 years.I getthem in the area covered with hair,( I’m bald ) I have been to more doctors than I can remember. Anti-biotics will clear it up for a short time but it comes back in a few days.Now I have a success story. At Walgreens drugs I bought a 31.8 oz bottle of Refreshing Aloe Lotion with PRO-Vitamin B5 And Cucumber Extract (on sale $3.99)The first week I mixed a little bicarbonate of soda with it,I don’t know if that helped,After three months my scalp is completely clear of all bumps and scale.I apply a small amount and rub it in good every time I’m in the bathroom.I have no plan to stop using it it costs less than $3.00 a month and my hands look much better.
Jake Sysk Tampa Fl.78 Retired 03/01/1989 EAL

shelia, posted this comment on Feb 3rd, 2010

i have sore on my scalp and my head itches so badly. my hair is thinning and i feel awful. i will try the vinegar, do you have any other suggestions? please help

Gail Nobles, posted this comment on Feb 4th, 2010

Yes, use Olive oil shampoo. Most shampoos have chemicals. You need a natural shampoo. Crudoleum is another natural shampoo, but it smells like gas. The smell doesn’t last long. It wears off. I have heard pinetar shampoo is good, but I haven’t tried it.

Penelope, posted this comment on Mar 21st, 2010

Tea tree oil works well for this problem. Get a mild shampoo, all natural is best, and mix in several drops of tea tree oil. You can also use the tea tree oil directly on the sores. Tea tree oil has antibacterial properties and has a mutitude of uses. Google it. You’ll be amazed at what it can do.

Gail Nobles, posted this comment on Mar 30th, 2010

Yes, Tea tree oil works well too. Thanks Penelope!

Katherine Glasson, posted this comment on Nov 3rd, 2010

hi. I have had this flaking/scratching awful scalp thing for a while now, so I want to share what has helped me:
1.) vinegar. I use an eye dropper to squirt it directly under my hair, onto the scalp, try to make sure it gets all over my head, and then let it soak in. (10 or 15 minutes is enough, but sometimes I leave it on a couple of hours, or even overnight) Then shampoo and condition as usual.
2.) use a chemical-free shampoo. No sodium lauryl sulfate! Look for the words “Sulfate-free” on the bottle.
3.) My ears were red/crusty/irritated/painfully sensitive, and the only 2 creams that help are OLAY SENSITIVE Moisture Therapy Cream (green, black & white box — aloe-based) and ATOPALM Cream (from Korea, in a red and white box). Both of these are lifesavers, and I keep backups of these, because any other cream stings and burns like the devil!
4.) For conditioner, again, choose chemical-free. My two favorites are AVEDA Scalp Benefits Conditioner (a bit expensive, but I get the huge bottle and it lasts a long time) and YES TO CARROTS Hair & Scalp Mud Mask (it’s supposed to be a 12 to 15 minute intenisve conditioner for hair, but again, I concentrate on rubbing it into the scalp, and leave it on a couple of hours and even overnight.) Hope this helps someone, because it took me years to figure out what works, and now I really have no problem.

Oh! I also stopped using regular soap, which also has SLS (sulfates) in it. Even after I replaced my soap and shampoos at home with more natural ones, I noticed that if I were to use soap in a restroom somewhere — like, in a restaurant, or an office — I would get that intense itching again by the next morning. So I think this is chemically caused. Now I carry a little bar of Burt’s Bees soap with me. : )

Gail Nobles, posted this comment on Nov 3rd, 2010

I think it is chemically caused too. Thanks for sharing Katherine!

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